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Our Good Growth Application Support

Our Good Growth  Application Support

On this page you will find an outline of the application support provided by the Good Growth Fund and details of the policies, example application forms and requirements that will be required by applicants to the Shared Prosperity Fund. 

How to apply

1. All applicants should begin by completing the initial enquiry form, located on each Funding Opportunity page, or on the Contact page.

2. The Good Growth team will assess your enquiry and be in touch with further information within five working days.

  •  If you project is considered a potential fit for a current open invitation, we will send you an application form and details on how to proceed.
  • You may be informed that your project is a potential fit for a future open invitation or a delegated grant scheme and will be signposted accordingly.

4. Application forms should be returned to the Good Growth team via email in advance of the application deadline (see each funding opportunity for deadlines).


Important Information

Note: This information may be updated periodically so please check back for the latest versions.



The team will be delivering webinars to provide support to applicants. Potential applicants will be able to learn more about the outcomes sought by funding opportunities as well as gateway criteria, timeframes and support available.

16 & 24 August: Both these webinars give a broad overview of the Shared Prosperity Fund and what is expected from projects in their applications.


9 November: A dedicated session to support applicants with the Community Skills Hubs fund.

Applicant Support

There is a single point of contact for enquiries to the Good Growth Fund, with all queries to be directed to the GoodGrowth@cornwall.gov.uk mailbox. Please note that if you would like to apply for funding, you must fill in an enquiry form in the first instance, and the team will respond within 5 working days.

Specialist support

If you wish to benefit from the specialist support offer, please contact us well in advance, and at least 5 working days in advance of an application deadline you wish to respond to. This support can be offered to suit the needs of individual applicants, whether through face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, via email or webinars. All engagements are treated in confidence and can include;

  • Providing specialist guidance and support to applicant at all stages of the application process, including offering guidance on the early stage ‘design’ of projects, support on application forms and required policies, and best ‘fit’ in terms of current or future invitation to bid processes.
  • Helping to resolve more complex call/programme related queries on behalf of applicants that cannot be solved through an initial enquiry.
  • Sign-posting to existing support providers that may be helpful to projects applicants when developing technical details of their applications such as cashflow projections, or climate change impact assessments.
  • Providing overview support on the production of business cases, as required.
  • Informally commenting on aspects of draft applications where applicants feel they need programme or application-related guidance/support.
  • Sharing best practice and suggesting areas where applications could potentially be strengthened and/or helping to flag areas that may benefit from clarification or additional explanation.
  • Reducing compliance risks for the programme and applicants by providing clear guidance on key aspects of the application process by interpreting programme policies and interrogating the deliverability and cost certainty of projects early in the development process
  • Promoting and integrating the Good Growth principles within projects to ensure that they meet the requirements of the programme.
  • Sense check on projected outputs, results and positive outcomes, to scrutinise forecast and methodology for evidencing achievements.
  • Where practical, facilitate collaboration and networking between organisations and advise on emerging partnerships.